Childcare Log Template Testimonial

by Bethany Armstrong

GREAT FOR ALL PARENTS WITH KIDS IN DAYCARE! I love the Childcare Log. After having my first baby the thought of returning to work broke my heart. Leaving my baby for an entire day was hard enough... and not knowing when he ate, when or how long he napped, what he learned, etc was even worse. After talking to my sister (Practical Spreadsheets founder) about my worries she told me that she had a spreadsheet that she used with her sitter. It was perfect! I printed several copies and took them with me the first day I dropped my son off at daycare. I asked my sitter to please fill out the spreadsheet each day so that I could keep up with my little one while I was away. She was more than willing and was very impressed with the spreadsheet. It was super easy for her to follow and even helped to keep her organized and on schedule with my son's routine.

If your daycare doesn't already have a log they keep for you, I recommend you print one out today and start using it. It will give you more peace of mind knowing what your baby has done while you're away. It's even great to use at home!!!

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