Master School Calendar

by Jo

I am part of a restructuring team at a local high school and I filled a position where the previous person retired. The new principal, who hired me because she knew I could hit the ground running, preferred to know more about what was going on on her campus than the previous principal. However, her method of keeping calendars didn't fit the current situation. I discovered your free templates and they were a life saver! I just modified them a bit to fit our needs. Having the templates with all the pertinent data already programmed was great, saving me from having to reinvent the wheel! The athletic department liked it so much, that they, too, have adopted your template. Your template allows me to keep everything in one file and at my fingertips. I am able to publish the updated calendar weekly to the faculty so they can see all events scheduled to date for the entire year, and see whether or not they have provided me with their event/activities information, whether or not they need to update TBA data, and are more fully informed of activities at school. Our admin team have indicated that the format is very useful to them in keeping track of their appointments and the events they are required to attend as the admin on duty. Thank you so much for sharing your work product.

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